Welcome to BiO-Therm Rebates

Welcome to BiO-Therm Rebates! We are so happy you are here to learn more about the BiO-Therm and how to qualify for rebates. The BiO-Therm has been tested over the last 10 years by major gas industry leaders to include Public Utilities and the Gas Technology Institute. We have also conducted extensive testing with major resort chains, and state programs all culminating with state and public utility rebates for our customers.

The BiO-Therm turns any standard commercial gas dryer into an energy efficient modulating dryer. This means you can upgrade your old dryer and get a fantastic efficiency boost, or when buying your new dryer work with your dealer to include a BiO-Therm and get a rebate on your new dryer.

From state to state utilities are rolling out rebates for the BiO-Therm. The economics make sense for all customers from local laundromats, to mega resorts.  The BiO-Therm qualifies under the Modulating Commercial Gas Clothes Dryer Retrofit, or Modulating Gas Valve for Commercial Dryers deemed rebate programs.  Costumes can expect a fast Return on Investment vastly exceeded the many years you can expect from other efficiency products.

If you have questions not answered on this site don't hesitate to contact us.


Does Your dryer Qualify for rebate

How to Qualify

  1. Dryer must be between 30 and 200 pounds.  This covers 99% of all On-Premises and Coin-Op dryers.
  2. Dryer firing rate must be 60,000 BTU and above, again this covers 99% of all On-Premises and Coin-Op dryers.
  3. Dryer must be operational

Poundage and firing rate can be found on your dryers data tag, but if you have any questions please contact us with your dryers model number. Want t know more? Download the brochure.



About the BiO-Therm

The BiO-Therm is a commercial dryer retrofit that adds energy savings modulation to an existing commercial dryer.

  • Saves between 15 and 30 percent of dryer gas consumption when dryer is properly cleaned and maintained
  • The BiO-Therm conserves your dryer warranty!  Installation allows existing warranty to continue without interruption.
  • The BiO-Therm has a two year limited warranty for parts and craftsmanship.  Additional extended warranty available.
  • Low cost high savings resulting in a lightning fast payback period.
  • Intelligent programmable design allows for maximum flexibility & savings potential
  • No manufacturer temperature or safety controls are ever by-passed.



The BiO-Therm is the perfect upgrade for coin-op.  We understand your business, and know how picky customers can be when it comes to dryers. Rest assured your costumes will never notice a difference in dryer operation or drying ability.  The only difference is your gas bill savings.

On-Premise Laundry

The BiO-Therm has been proven in the biggest Resorts to the smallest of Bed & Breakfasts.  Your laundry staff won't have to change any processes and no additional time will be required to dry laundry. You maintenance staff will like the fact that the BiO-Therm requires no changes to the facility, and no ongoing maintenance. It is truly an install and let it save device.    

Laundry Service

In the laundry service care of customer laundry is paramount.  So while were sure you will like the money you save on your gas bill, we are positive you are going to love the fact the BiO-Therm reduces the chances of Over-Dry damage to customer laundry.  Our modulation technology results in more even heat, keeping the dryer in the perfect drying range longer. 


Potential Savings Calculator

Note About Savings Calculator

The savings amount calculated are estimates only and savings may vary.  The calculator estimates potential savings based on extensive 3rd party test results. 

Environmental, maintenance, and external usage factors not included.  By using this calculator you acknowledge that savings are not guaranteed by EZ-Efficiency or 3rd party dealers.